Real Couple Wedding Diary: Part 1

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I obviously love weddings (I mean, I even created a site dedicated to them), so when my friends get engaged/plan a wedding, I get REALLY excited! Which is why I asked our victims friends Brian and Mallory to come on the show because–surprise!–they’re getting married.

Brian and Mal got engaged last summer, and are currently about 6 months away from their wedding date. So we bribed them with a home-cooked dinner and plenty of wine and did an interview with them for this episode about where they’re at in the planning process right now. We also grilled them about how they met, what the proposal was like, and what their biggest planning dilemmas are currently…you know, all the good stuff!

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And just a heads up…the audio on this episode sounds more echo-y than usual because a) we threw the mics on our dining room table alongside all our dinner plates and glasses like dum dums so it just sounds off and b) we only have two mics so Brian and Mallory had to share one with Cory and I. So yeah, it’s a little wonky (but not too bad.)

We hope to have them on the show again SOON, and also might be making this a regular segment with other couples so stay tuned!

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