Don’t Book Your Wedding Venue Before Asking These 10 Questions

In Episode 4 of The Woman Getting Married Podcast, we talk all about wedding venues and the questions you NEED to ask before you even consider booking one. A venue might look gorgeous, but there’s a chance that–depending on these answers–it might not be perfect for you OR your wedding budget. We go through the 10 questions you should have ready to go at each venue tour, and explain why they are so important. Our Wedding Hack of the Week also has to do with wedding venues, and includes one of our favorite secret sources for finding under-the-radar venues (well, aside from our wedding venue reviews, of course!). PLUS, for our Wine Time Out Cory shares a yummy white wine that I almost drank the whole bottle of, and he also shares HIS vent of the week, which, um, has to do with omelettes. Whaaaaaa?!


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