You’ll Totally Wish You Did These Things At Your Wedding

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Even though I loved every second of our wedding, there are ideas I’ve heard about SINCE getting married that I’m always a little envious I didn’t think about. Which is why we wanted to share them with you!

On the latest episode of The Woman Getting Married Podcast, we talk about 8 fun and unique ideas that will stand out on your wedding day. These ideas won’t magically transform your wedding, but they are little things you can do at any point in the planning process that you’ll be so happy you did afterwards.

From a simple way to save money on your bar tab to a sweet gesture to do the morning of the wedding for your future spouse as well as a way to keep a part of your wedding ceremony FOREVER, you’ll wish you did these 8 things at your wedding.

PLUS: Our latest round of wedding hashtags, weird wedding news, and Cory and I find out if our astrological signs are a good match.

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