How to Plan a $5,000 wedding


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We all know weddings are expensive. But you don’t know just how expensive they are until you actually start planning one. All of a sudden we’re talking about thousands of dollars for flowers. And dresses. And tablecloths. Before you know it you’re spending as much in one night as you would on a car. And you can’t drive away in your wedding!

While the average wedding budget in the U.S. is around $35,000, we get a ton of e-mails from brides who are working with budgets that are anywhere from a few thousand dollars to a hundred thousand. Every bride (and every budget) is different, but the problem is that–let’s be honest–it’s much easier to plan a $70,000 wedding than a $7,000 one. So our goal is to help those of you with a lower budget have the wedding of your dreams!

On this episode of The Woman Getting Married Podcast, we break down how to plan a $5,000 wedding without feeling like you’re sacrificing style or substance. From the best wedding venues to look for in your budget to where to find a great wedding dress that doesn’t cost a fortune, we share our 11 favorite tips for planning the wedding of your dreams without planning for all the debt.

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