Should You Lie to Your Wedding Vendors?


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Is it Friday yet?! Does anybody else feel totally turned around this week? I’m in major project mode right now (with some exciting announcements coming out SOON) so am kind of all over the place. Which is why it’s so fun to sit down for an hour with Cory and drink a little, talk a lot, and as we did in this week’s episode of The Woman Getting Married Podcast, to answer your most pressing wedding questions and talk about the latest news stories, one of which is the title of this episode…

“Should you lie to your wedding vendors” has to do with a new trend that’s happening now where vendors report an increase of couples lying to them about the fact that they’re getting married. Couples are telling wedding vendors they need them for a vow renewal or birthday party but NOT a wedding. We dig into why this is happening and if it’s ever OK to do this.

We also got some great questions in via our private Facebook group, which if you haven’t joined yet you totally should. The questions we answer on this episode include:

-We’re having a destination wedding and paying for it ourselves. Are we responsible for paying for the rehearsal dinner, too?

-What are the advantages or disadvantages of a strolling wedding? I’ve always wanted a plated meal, but several venues have offered us this option and I’m not sure what the experience would be like.

-My fiance and I have lived together for awhile now and I feel like we have everything we need for our home. How do we go about setting up, telling people, and asking for contributions to a honeymoon registry.

We go into in-depth answers for each of these questions, and also come up with another round of wedding hashtags, so listen now!

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