13 Wedding Hacks Every Bride Should Know

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Hiiiiiii everybody!! How’s your summer going? We are stuck in a heatwave in LA and all I want to be doing is laying in a pool and/or the AC right now. But, who has time for that when we’ve got wedding plans to talk about!

On the latest episode of The Woman Getting Married Podcast, Cory and I dish on Justin Bieber’s engagement, a crazy awesome wedding gift one couple asked for, and speaking of wedding gifts—whether or not you have to give one if you’re in the bridal wedding party. What’s your opinion on this? Do you agree with me on this one or not?

We also dig into a few of my favorite wedding hacks that will save you big time. PLUS: Wedding hashtags are back! Every week we’ll be adding a new segment to the podcast where we come up with another round of wedding hashtags. So stay tuned and see if yours made our list!

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