Everything I Learned About Wedding Invitations


They say the best way to learn is trial and error. Except that idea sucks when it comes to your wedding invitations. This is something you want to get right the FIRST time, because you only get one shot!

Thankfully I’ve learned a lot over the years, not only from our own wedding invitation hiccups, but from lots of research and helping other brides just like you figure out how to get your wedding invites from your home to your guests’ mailboxes on time and in one piece.

On the latest episode of The Woman Getting Married Podcast, Cory and share the best tips and tricks for not only finding the right wedding invitations for your budget, but we talk about everything from hand-canceling to calligraphy.

Here’s a few highlights from this week’s episode!

[1:41] This popular jewelry company is going to start selling man-made diamonds this September. Prices are crazy good (like $800 for a carat!)

[09:30] Tongue or no tongue during your ceremony kiss? Here’s our take!

[13:00] Are digital invites OK?

[21:10] Love vintage stamps? You’ll want to hear this part before you buy.

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