What to Do When You Disagree On Your Wedding Budget


Coming up with a wedding budget is hard. But it can be even harder when you and your partner disagree on how much you should actually spend on your wedding. What happens if you want to spend all your money on food but your other half wants to spend it on music? Or if one of you is dreaming of a rustic, outdoor ceremony and the other a luxe hotel one? That’s the premise of the new reality show, I Want THAT Wedding, which airs on TLC Saturdays at 9/8 c. Each week they follow a newly engaged couple who have a different idea of what their wedding budget should be. To help them get on the same page, their wedding planner takes them to three different weddings: one in the bride’s price point, one in the groom’s, and one in between so they can decide which wedding they ultimately want. The twist is that they won’t know which one is which until the very end (and neither will you!).

I was lucky enough to meet Kerry Carlock, who is the SVP of Programming for Pie Town Productions which produces the show for TLC, at a friend’s birthday party recently, and naturally we started talking about weddings. Kerry went to 18 weddings in the course of 2 1/2 months while filming I Want THAT Wedding, and has seen A LOT. As soon as we started talking I immediately knew I wanted to have her on our podcast for our VERY first interview. So we did!

On the latest episode of The Woman Getting Married Podcast, Cory and I chat with Kerry about what REALLY goes on behind the scenes, and how couples on the show figure out which type of wedding they want, and how much they want to spend on it. PLUS: Kerry’s husband Nick Lund-Ulrich joins us to talk about what they did at their own wedding, which sounded epic. Seriously, there are some AMAZING wedding ideas and hacks in this episode, you won’t want to miss it!

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