Wedding Planner Sarah Keeker Shares How to Save Big On Wedding Favors

Sarah Keeker is the wedding planner at Plum & Poppy, an Indianapolis based events company that will help you curate your special day. We caught up with Sarah for our “Secrets from a Wedding Planner” series, where we reach out to our favorite wedding planners across the country to answer your TOP questions. Whether they’re a seasoned veteran or an up-and-coming star, every wedding planner is hand-picked by us for their expertise and all-around awesomeness.

What do you think is THE most important area for a couple to allocate their budget towards and why?

Couples will almost always spend the most money on food & beverage just based on the way weddings usually go. It is such a big part of your guests experience so I think that is a great place to focus. My next most important items are capturing your day (photographers & videographers) and flowers! This makes sure your day is beautiful and that you have great memories of it afterwards for years to come!

plum & poppy
Sarah Keeker from Plum & Poppy

What do you advise Plum & Poppy couples to save on?

I think couples who want to save or DIY something should do that with wedding favors. It’s a small enough part of the day to be tackled by a bride & bridesmaids over a bottle of wine or two and can be fun & not stressful!

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What’s the easiest way for a couple to transform a plain wedding venue?

I think the easiest and most affordable way is with lighting! If you can afford draping, too, that goes a long way!

For couples unable to hire a full-service planner, what’s the one piece of wedding planning advice you would share with them if you could?

Please still hire a day of wedding coordinator!! They can be a great resource for you and make sure all the pieces you’ve put together work well on your big day. That way you can relax and enjoy what you’ve planned.

What’s your favorite online wedding resource?

I love Instagram! You can view weddings & wedding professionals from all over the world. It’s so inspiring!

Favorite wedding venue(s) you’ve worked at for Plum & Poppy?

Oh! We love them all for different reasons but we especially love any Thomas Caterers of Distinction or Kahn’s property! We also love family backyards! Those weddings are always so personal.

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