15 Wedding Paper Divas Invitations We Love

wedding invitations

In case you missed 15 Minted Wedding Invitations We Love, let us get you up to speed! We’ve started a new feature on the site where we pick our favorite wedding invitations from online shops such as Minted, Etsy, and now for this post…Wedding Paper Divas. The idea is that we sift through the over 700 wedding invitations on the site to bring you 15 we’re crazy about in the hopes that you’ll find one you love (without having to spend more of your hard-earned wedding planning time).

Before you sort through our selects, it’s definitely a good idea to get acquainted with some wedding invitation 411, such as How Much Wedding Invitations Cost to Wedding Invitation Printing Techniques.  Once you find a style you love you’ll also want to get well versed on Wedding Invitation Wording, which can be completely and utterly confusing (so confusing, in fact, we wrote a second post purely about Wedding Invitation Wording for Complicated Situations).

While online wedding invitations are some of the most budget-friendly you can buy, you might also want to check out our favorite Free Wedding Invitation Templates. But in the meantime, check out our favorite Wedding Paper Divas wedding invitations below!

Note: All prices include basic white envelopes


Tropical Romance, 100 cards for $179


Artful Floral, 100 cards for $179


Perfectly Passionate, 100 cards for $179


Blooming Together, 100 cards for $189


Rustic Impression, 100 cards for $179


Flourishing Union, 100 cards for $179


Painted Garden, 100 cards for $189


Type Flourish , 100 cards for $179


Nuff Said, 100 cards for $169


Gilded Marble, 100 cards for $179


Peony Perfection, 100 for $349 (laser-cut)


Everlasting Exchange, 100 cards for $214


wedding invitations

Passionate Vow , 100 cards for $179


Joyful Honor, 100 cards for $179


Natural Lattice, 100 cards for $189





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