Wedding Lingerie We Heart

If you’re still thinking of fun ideas for your wedding shower, I HIGHLY recommend considering a wedding lingerie shower. Not only is it fun to open up all the gorgeous wedding lingerie from your friends over champagne, but at the end of it you’ll pretty much have the BEST collection of lingerie for the wedding, honeymoon, and beyond. That’s why I selfishly told my friends I wanted a wedding lingerie shower…and five years later I still have a ton of nighties, bras, and panties I LOVE.

But even if you decide not to have a wedding lingerie shower, it’s still a great time to think about investing in a few key pieces that you can wear not only on your wedding day but on your honeymoon as well. And while you can definitely wear red, purple, green, black, pink, or any other color that floats your boat, for your actual wedding day you can’t go wrong with white or beige (if that’s the color of your wedding dress).

I compiled my favorite wedding lingerie picks for the gallery above, concentrating on items you can wear under your wedding dress, while you’re getting ready (those silk robes are a must), or even more importantly on your wedding night.

When looking for wedding lingerie I love brands such as Natori (they make the best [practical] wedding underwear), La Perla for a splurge, and Hanky Panky for great thongs and other undergarments. BHLDN also has some great robes and garters as well.

Let us know your favorite picks!

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