Wedding Insurance: Yes or No?

Photo by Kaylina Norton Photography
Photo by Kaylina Norton Photography

It’s every bride’s worst nightmare: disaster strikes on her wedding day. But a sudden cancellation or freakish weather incident doesn’t have to mean thousands of dollars lost. Some brides purchase wedding insurance to take care of just that.

Wedding insurance reimburses any expenses that couples have paid if something falls through for their wedding. For instance, when reBar, the popular Brooklyn wedding venue, suddenly closed two years ago, tons of couples lost out on their deposits. But those that purchased wedding insurance ahead of time were able to have those deposits refunded to them.

What’s the Cost

Wedding insurance can cost anywhere between $100-$300 for complete coverage. While in the grand scheme of your budget, that may not seem like much, some brides might feel it to be an unnecessary cost considering the chances of anything going wrong are low. With the amount of money couples already need to drop on their wedding, it might seem frustrating to drop this additional amount on something that might not be needed. Read more about the cost and where to get insurance here.

Real Brides Share Their Stories

However, when disaster does strike, couples are grateful for the safety net. Julie Villar, one of the reBar brides, wrote on Offbeat Bride that she desperately wished she had invested in wedding insurance.

“Yes, I know how ridiculous and wedding industrial complex-approved this seems, but if we had spent that $250 eighteen months ago, we wouldn’t be out $20,000 now. If you have a small budget, please: think about cutting elsewhere to make wedding insurance work,” she said.

Case in point? A WeddingBee blogger who invested in wedding insurance said that even though reBar left her and her fiancé blindsided, they had their deposit refunded.

“For the past two days, I’ve been either frantically Googling, calling venues for availability and pricing, or crying again at the unfairness of having to start all over. My only consolation: we have recourse for our $22k. The vast majority of reBar couples were not insured and are relying on the legal system to take action, and who knows how long that will take or if it will even be successful?” she said.

So while we definitely don’t hope your wedding venue suddenly closes—or your dress starts on fire, or your photographers can’t make it to your wedding due to an unforeseen event—wedding insurance can definitely be a good investment in the long run.

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