Wedding Dress Designer: Atelier Aimée

Designer: Atelier Aimée

About: Based in Italy, Atelier Aimée is a bridal fashion house with utterly romantic, dreamy designs. I had personally never heard of the line until I discovered my own wedding dress, but as soon as I put it on I knew it was “the one.” If you’re looking for a wedding dress that is romantic and unique without being too “far out,” I highly suggest you find a boutique near you that carries the line.

Their designs are so stunningly beautiful-modernly lovely and vintage at the same time-that it looks like they belong in a storybook. While they are definitely conversation pieces, they manage to be demure at the same time. And the detail? All I can say is I NEVER wanted any kind of embellishments or beading UNTIL I saw their dresses. Then I was hooked. Check out some of their designs, below…

Wedding Dress Atelier Aimée
Wedding Dress Atelier Aimée
Wedding Dress Atelier Aimée
Wedding Dress Atelier Aimée

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  1. says: Adrianne

    Hello again!!
    So sad, it was impossible to find this brand in cowboy territory… not even in special boutiques! And have it shipped was sooo expensive because of customs & taxes… I had to let go of lavender…
    Anyway, I’m very happy with my final dress choice, it’s very romantic & elegant!!!

    I’ll keep on checking your site!!

  2. says: Adrianne

    Wow well you gave me good news! It’s a good idea to call the store and ask them directly, I’ll do that as I’ll be in Houston towards february… maybe I get lucky and find a deal as good as you did!
    I’ll let you know in a while If I can make one of their gorgeous dresses my own…

    Thank you vm for answering so soon, good luck with everything!!

  3. says: Woman Getting Married


    I’m so glad you like the site!
    I seriously love alllllllll the Atelier Aimee dresses. I actually wore one to my wedding (I’ll post a pic soon), and bought it at a sample sale at a bridal boutique in Miami called Chic Parisien. My dress was apparently half price, and I bought it for $2,000. It had a ton of intricate beading detail and vintage lace…if I could wear it ALL the time I would!

    I would call their NYC store and ask them if there are any retailers in Texas that carry the line. They must be across the US, I imagine, if this Miami store had her. Let me know what you find out!

  4. says: Adrianne

    I like your site!! very useful & clean… I have a question: I was wondering if there are other stores where you could find this brand, as yesterday I bumped onto their site by chance and they say that their only boutique in USA is in New York… I live in Mexico and I absolutely fell in love whith their dresses, but I was wondering if maybe in Houston I could find the brand??? I’ts a love thing I have now with washed lilac degradé & hand-painted dresses… as you say, they have a fairy tale, vintage & ethereal quality I’ve never seen in other designs…
    Thank you!
    PS= very very important: around how much $$$ are they? Because they look expensive!