We Review Wayfair’s Wedding Registry

One of the biggest questions we get asked by brides is “where are the best places to register online?” While there are a handful of amazing retailers and other registry platforms we love, we’re always happy when a new one comes into the mix that we get to try. And since Wayfair is one of the latest online brand’s to offer a wedding registry option, we set up a mock registry to see how it all worked. Here’s our honest review of what we thought about it, below!

The Signup Process

Overall the sign-up process is extremely easy. When you get to the Wayfair Wedding Registry landing page you’re shown a “Create Your Wedding Registry” section where you can enter your e-mail address then create a password. To personalize your page you can choose from one of their cute cover photos or upload one of your own, as well as add a name for your registry and note to your guests (you can even add your wedding hashtag). There is also a profile pic that ideally you could use to put a cute pic of you and your future spouse, but I had a hard time finding the right photo to upload. My upload worked but when I cropped it I got a message saying there was a problem with the crop so I ended up not using one for now.

Product Selection

A browse through their “Latest Loves” section yields a ton of new finds I ALSO love (including this Ibolili Kim Lounge Chair). I really like having access to so many more different types of items and designers with a Wayfair Wedding Registry (like Dwell Studio, Joss & Main, and All Modern), and being able to add furniture (or even a refrigerator!) in addition to things like bedding, towels, serveware and kitchen essentials. I found a TON of great products I actually really wanted, and magically they all seemed to know exactly what kind of style I was into. But for those of you who want some extra guidance, their “Curated Collections” and “From Our Editors” has a great assortment along with some super helpful tips (like this Editor’s Guide to Bedding).

Adding Items to Your Registry

It’s relatively simple to add a product to your registry, but you do have to scroll over the product image to get the “Add to Registry” box to show up. If you want to look at available sizes or change a color you’ll have to scroll over the product or the “More options” selection. It’s not immediately clear that you can click on either of those, but they are actually links. Once you click on either of them a helpful pop-up appears, giving you color options and more product details. This is also where you can enable group gifting on an item, mark something as “Fulfilled” if you received the item, or indicate it’s a “Most Wanted,” letting guests know the product’s a favorite of yours. Guests can see which items have group gifting enabled with a symbol on the bottom left corner of the product image on your main registry page (when you hover over it, it also says “Group Gift”).

One thing I found tricky was that if you choose to go to the “See Full Details” option in the pop-up, you’re taken to a product page off your registry. You can click the “back” button on your browser to get back to where you are, but instinctively I also wanted to click on the “Registry” tab, which would take you to your main registry page vs. the product section you were in before. I think it would be great if there were a “Go Back” option on the main product page as well. As of now just remember to click the “back” button and you’ll have no problems.

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Customized Checklist

Wayfair has a super helpful “My Checklist” section that allows you to see how many products you’ve registered for in each category. Since I’m basically obsessed with serveware, it’s no surprise that after selecting a handful of products for my mock registry, that category is at 18% for me while Bed & Bath is at 0%. Clicking into “Bed & Bath” on the checklist brings me to a helpful page that breaks down the bedding and bath essentials I’ll need more of, and keeps track of my progress to let me know how I’m doing.

The Purchasing Process

Once you’ve filled out your wedding registry you can choose to make the registry public by adding your shipping address (and choosing whether you want it searchable on websites like The Knot as well as on Wayfair). One really cool function is that you can customize your registry URL so it’s not filled with a ton of weird letters and numbers.

The checkout process for guests is really easy, and they can even apply any Wayfair gift cards they might have to use towards to purchase. I also did some price comparisons with some other big-box stores selling the same products, and several times the prices on Wayfair showed up 40% less than the other retailers. That’s a huge difference. Another bonus? Shipping is free when gifts are sent directly to the couple.

Overall Thoughts

I really like the product selection on Wayfair and the prices for guests, and their user experience (minus a few tweaks) makes it super easy to add items to your wedding registry and bridal registry and modify them as needed. Their “From the Editors” section is one of my favorites, and I had a fun time browsing through their curated collections to get inspired. On top of that you get a 10% completion discount and free returns for 90 days (which means you can deal with any gifts you need to exchange AFTER you get back from your honeymoon!). Overall, if you’re looking for a wedding registry that offers you a ton of products to choose from and is easy to use, this should definitely be on your list!

Sign up for a Wayfair wedding registry here!

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