Vintage Groomsmen Ties

Looking back, I kinda wish we had done something more fun for the groomsmen ties. You can see the one that we ended up going with here. It worked well because the bridesmaids were in such a neutral color (minus the bright necklaces), but it would have also looked great if the groomsmen wore something vintage-y like the ones below. The ties pictured are all from Etsy and most are a great price. It would be great to mix and match brightly colored patterns, especially if you have a bright color scheme to begin with. If your groom is wearing a black bow-tie (like mine was), they’ll pop even more!
To avoid confusion over which tie each groomsmen needs to get, I HIGHLY recommend just buying the ties for them, and they can pay you back or it can be part of your future husband’s gift to them. My hubby had six groomsmen, and it was a bit of a cluster f&$k as to WHICH Macy’s tie they should get. And then of course that particular tie wasn’t available online for close to two weeks due to “technical difficulties,” so the groomsmen had to go into their local Macy’s store in whatever city they lived in and, blah blah. It was way more of a headache then it should have been. On that note, check out these adorable ties!
Seller: thenbelleandthebeau
Seller: rabbitstop
Seller: Knotnow
Seller: modernpaisley
$20 for 2 (sale)
Seller: babesintieland

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