Vintage Engagement Rings: What’s Your Style?

best vintage engagement rings

Vintage engagement rings come in so many different styles, it’s hard to know which one you like the best! The first thing you’ll want to do is figure out which era you’re most drawn to. Below is a great infographic from Erstwhile Jewelry that explains the different styles that were popular for vintage engagement rings throughout the years. For example, if you love rose gold you might want to focus your search on Victorian engagement rings. Or if you’re a fan of filigree and lace work, Edwardian engagement rings might be more your style. If bling is more your thing you’ll DEFINITELY want to check out mid-century engagement rings, since those are definitely all about glitz and glamour.

I personally think it’s hard to go wrong with any and all vintage engagement rings. They’re so unique and different, and I love that they most likely have a story to tell behind each of them. If you’re a fan of vintage engagement rings but want something new, check out a few of my favorite new and unique engagement rings, or see our favorite vintage engagement rings here.

vintage engagement rings

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