Unique Wedding Favors Guests Will Actually Be Excited For

Photo via Lilblueboo.com
Photo via Lilblueboo.com


Wedding favors are one of those final little details that can be somewhat frustrating. You’re pretty much done planning the wedding, yet this roadblock stands between you and that last checkmark. While they’re definitely not required at a wedding (and not having them is definitely an attractive option), if you’re anything like me you feel (or felt) some sort of inexplicable pressure from the wedding gods to have them.

Before I disappoint any of you, let me get this off my chest: I’m not a huge fan of food wedding favors. Yes, I know it’s one of the easier wedding favors to to have, but cake pops, stale cookies, candies, mints, and any other food that comes wrapped in plastic just doesn’t seem fun to me. One exception to my “no food” rule is doughnuts, Yes, doughnuts. I think a small, two doughnut box of Krispy Kremes is enough to get any wedding guest excited. At 1 in the morning, NOTHING tastes better than that sugary glaze. But that’s where I draw the line, sorry to say.

While you’re trying to think of wedding favors that might be good for your guests, just remember to keep these key points in mind:

  • Wedding favors should be unisex. Meaning there’s no point in handing out pink hankies for every guest unless you’re only inviting women.
  • Wedding favors have to travel home with people, so make sure guests will be able to fly with them or travel a long distance in their car (IE: should be under 3.4 oz.; should not be perishable, unless they’re meant to be eaten that night).
  • You should have a wedding favor for every guest, so make sure to keep that in mind when considering cost.

We gave out CD’s of our cocktail hour music  for our wedding favors, and personalized the front of the CD  with our names and wedding date. We used recycled CD covers and made labels with each track name printed on them (which you can see below). I love the idea of CD’s because it’s something that guests, if they like your musical taste, can use for years to come and remember your wedding day, which was obviously the best night of their lives. You can choose to fill it with songs from your wedding like we did, or if you’re having a winter wedding fill it with holiday songs, or if you’re having a beach wedding fill it with your favorite summer tracks.


One idea I saw the other day that I really liked was a couple that had a portrait artist at their reception (held at the Carondelet House in Los Angeles). While that’s more reception entertainment than wedding favor, I like that it’s something guests can take home. Just make sure the artist’s renditions are not the really big head versions. Unless you’re having a 1980’s themed wedding, in which case, awesome.

Photo via Ruffled
Photo via Ruffled


Other fun ideas for unique wedding favors include sunglasses (for a daytime wedding), hankies, tea tins, and journals. Click here for this fun post on 42 other interesting wedding favors.

Do you have any fun ideas for wedding favors? Are you planning on giving them out at all?


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