Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Aren’t the Only Surprise Royal Couple

Harry and Meghan. Kate and William. Grace and Rainier III. We’ve been obsessed with unexpected royal couples since, well, they started getting married. And who can blame us? Being on Royal Couple Watch is like getting to live your fairytale princess fantasies out in real life. Of course we all have our own Prince Charming’s at home, but it’s always fun to live vicariously through royalty when it comes to fashion and travel and every single curtsey (which if it were us we would DEFINITELY mess up).

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Even though Kate will always be our fave, what’s so exciting/special about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry is that Markle doesn’t have ANY Royal ties. While Markle has been an actress for the past decade, everything about her seems as down-to-earth as the rest of us.

But how common are Royal/Non-Royal matchups ? And how do these famous pairings even come to be? This fun infographic from Invaluable shows how some of the world’s most famous Royal/Non-Royal couples met, and what they loved most about their unexpected union.

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