These Are the Top 6 Bridal Shower Games

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While we’re always looking for fun bridal shower ideas and yummy (and cute!) options for bridal shower food, we can’t forget the games! Bridal shower games are a great way to get a group of girls together who may or may not all know each other talking about the bride and groom, and hopefully razzing the bride a bit, too!

We found this breakdown of the best bridal shower games to play with small OR large groups, below. We love these ideas! You can order any of these bridal shower game printables via Etsy, or you can DIY them yourself.

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best bridal shower games
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Here’s a breakdown of our favorite bridal shower games and what you can include:

He Said/She Said

Circle whether you think the bride said it or the groom said it first. You can customize each list if you’re the bridal shower organizer by asking the couple individual questions that can be as random as their favorite guilty pleasure band (IE: “I love Vanilla Ice”) or who made the first move (IE: “I asked him out first”).

Bridal Bingo

Pass these out before the bride starts opening her bridal shower gifts and have guests fill in what they think she might get. The winner can get a gift basket the bridal shower team puts together.

Who Knows Who Best

This game can be played by both the bride (being asked specific questions about her future spouse) or to the bridal shower guests about the bride.

How Old Was the Bride to Be

Compile photos of the bride from all different ages–as far back as newborn through the college years to when the couple first started dating until now–and show them on a projector while asking guests to guess the age the bride was in the photo. BONUS: Play the bride’s favorite junior high or high school music in the background!

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  • I was all excited to see the game “How well does the bride/groom” know each other? I zoomed in to read some of them and the groom’s one seemed pretty ok, then with the bridal questions, it was all about the groom. Or really sexist questions. I think these need a very strong overhaul and update.

    “How did the groom propose?” Is not a question about the bride.

    “What is her favorite thing about the groom?”

    “When is the wedding date?” (Again not something about the bride but about their wedding to each other.
    “How long has she been engaged?”

    Where the groom’s questions are “Favorite ice cream, What superhero would you be and why?”

    Why would the bride not answer the same? Who wrote these??

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