This Dad Had a Big Surprise During Their Father/Daughter Dance

Ohio dad Jim Mikunas didn’t want an ordinary father/daughter dance.

The father of the bride planned a special surprise for his daughter during their traditional dance. While a cover of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” played, the dad stopped a minute in and told his daughter he didn’t want to dance to that song. A guest then came to the dance floor and handed them catcher mitts and a baseball. The song “La Bamba” then started playing as the two played a game of catch.

Dad Jim said:

“My daughter has always found her own path. She played flag football at 6. She hated wearing dresses. She wore a tuxedo to her first communion. She lettered in soccer and track. She then became an engineer for the largest automaker in the world when she was 22. I could not imagine having a traditional father daughter dance with her. That is not what we were or are…So I came up with this. She had no idea!”

The moment ended when he invited her husband to the floor and handed him his mitt. The DJ said the daughter now had someone new to play catch with as the dad gave him a hug and walked off the dance floor. Aww!

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