The Woman Getting Married Podcast: Episode 33

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Wedding favors are like babies. People typically think theirs are the cutest/best, but they MIGHT be a little biased. And we know that most wedding guests feel the same way about wedding favors since a whopping 50% of wedding guests on average NEVER.EVEN.TAKE.ONE.

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If you’re going to spend all of that time and money on your wedding favors, the bottom line is you should make them something that people will actually want or appreciate, and not some throwaway chocolate truffles that people will probably eat but it’s just because it’s chocolate and who’s not going to eat a piece of chocolate put in front of them. Or maybe that’s just me because I’m a weak chocoholic who has no shame.

So, in order to make sure you have adorable/awesome/tasty wedding favors that guests will actually want, we thought we’d do an episode on our favorite wedding favor ideas.

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