The Best Type of Vacuum to Add to Your Wedding Registry

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OK. You MIGHT not believe this, but I swear it’s true. I used to hate vacuuming until I recently found an amazing pair of vacuums that I use throughout the week. The first is this Miele canister vacuum that I use for a weekly deep-clean, and the second is the super easy-to-use Dyson cordless stick vacuum for quick cleanups in our kitchen, bathroom, dining room, or wherever it’s feeling a bit dusty. I seriously wish that I had registered for BOTH of these vacuums when we got married, but I never even thought to register for a vacuum! And it turns out a lot of brides feel the same way.

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Vacuums are actually one of the top items that brides say they regret not adding to their wedding registry, and I can see why. A vacuum makes the perfect group gift, and it’s one of those wedding gifts you’ll actually get a ton of use out of. But which vacuum is right for you? In the video above, Cory (my husband and co-host of The Woman Getting Married Podcast, who actually vacuums more than I do) and I break down the different types of vacuums out there to help you figure out which one will work best for you.

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