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I have to admit…I’m pretty sad that I don’t have a wedding registry to “play” with anymore. I mean, who doesn’t love shopping for free? I miss those nights staying up until 1 a.m., scouring the registry websites for new bedspreads and sheets. Does this make me a shallow person? Perhaps…but I’m OK with that. If loving your wedding registry is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

I ended up registering at three stores: Macy’s, Williams-Sonoma, and Pottery Barn (or PB, as I like to lovingly call it). This was after creating (and deleting) registries at Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Bloomingdales, and Crate & Barrel…the latter two I deleted because I realized later those stores didn’t have Nashville locations. Duh.

Overall, I had a pretty good registry experience. But I have made some “observations” about those stores and more since I went through the entire process. Here are my notes:

Macy’s: You should really avoid registering here if you can. First, the prices fluctuate SO MUCH that it’s ridiculous. You might register for what you think is a well-priced piece of luggage, only to see that one week later it has doubled in price (sometimes tripled). Even though you’re not personally buying the registry item, other people you love are and you don’t want your family/friends to get ripped off.

Pottery Barn: Overall my experience with PB was good, but there were several things I didn’t like. One of the major annoyances was their return policy. At stores such as Macy’s and Williams-Sonoma, you can return a wedding registry item you received in the mail and receive an instant credit at the store. However, at PB they have to mail you a merchandise credit. Granted, they generally get to you pretty fast, but it seems like an antiquated process. Also, I have to say that overall I wasn’t that impressed with the quality of some of their products. The majority of the items we received were great, but we had to return a couple things because they just didn’t feel like they were going to last. That’s one of the problems of registering exclusively online (which I did), so for this store I recommend that you select your items after you see/feel them in person at the store.

Williams-Sonoma: This was, by far, the best store we registered at. Every item we received from them was top-notch. Also, we didn’t have to worry about out-of-stock items or crazy price fluctuations like we found at other stores. Maybe that’s because they price things accurately the first time around? Their return process is also amazingly easy and friendly. Not happy with a registry item? All you do is bring it into a store, and you’ll instantly get a Williams-Sonoma merchandise credit. BONUS: They have a 20% wedding registry completion discount that’s valid for 7 months after you get married. PB only offers 10% (Macy’s is also 20%). To make it as easy as possible, they mail you a discount card  that allows you to redeem it in stores or online. That’s a lot better than Macy’s, who always asks what my registry # is despite having my return receipt. Since I don’t have my registry #’s memorized (who does?), I have to go to their in-store registry computer and look it up. Clearly not the worst thing in the world, but a bit of a pain in the ass.

Note: For those of you who love West Elm, they sadly do not have a wedding registry at this time (the manager told me it’s because their inventory changes so frequently). BUT, because they are owned by the same company as Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn, you are able to use gift cards from those stores there. Instead of registering for specific items at WS or PB, you can just register for their gift cards if you want to be able to purchase items at all three stores. Gift cards are never a bad way to go, since it allows you to purchase items at a later date (like when there’s a big sale, or, say, when you move into a new house).

Where did you register at? Did you hate/love the experience?

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