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UPDATE: See our MUCH MORE updated review on the latest wedding websites here!

As an online editor for a website in my “real life,” I guess it’s no surprise that I’m a little too obsessed with creating a cute and unique website for my own wedding. The further I get into this whole wedding planning process, the more I realize that the design really is in the details. From Save the Date cards and wedding invitations to wedding websites, I want to treat my guests to a fun overall experience, and get them excited for the upcoming event. I see planning my wedding as a fun opportunity to let my creative juices flow (and hopefully not the cash out of my wallet at the same time) and to experiment with my love of design.

If you’re currently looking for a website tool that offers more features than what you can get for free on sites like, I’ve compiled a list of the best wedding website builders I’ve found. I signed up for each and detailed what I liked/didn’t like about each. If I left one out that you love, let me know in the comments section below!

This website builder offers the most customizable options in an easy-to-use format. I’m not crazy about the current template offerings (I want some more pretty fonts and graphics, please), but I like that it allows you to upload your own music, edit your page names, and add fun polls and quizzes for your guests. While there is a free option, if you want a custom URL you’ll pay a heft price (plans range from $49.95-$149.95 for 12 months plans). Given the ease of use and options, I think the lowest plan is worth it.

The great thing about this site is if you find a website theme you love, you can order invitations with the same design. My main problem with the site is that it’s not as easy to customize as, say,, and doesn’t give you the choice of a totally unique URL (all the URL’s have in them). If you know CSS (and most people don’t, including myself) then you’ll especially like these design options because you can add your own stylesheet. But then again, if you knew CSS you probably wouldn’t need a website builder in the first place. BOTTOMLINE: For $49/year you’re mostly paying for the design, but if you like the idea of carrying a design theme over from your website to your invitations , this could be your best option.

This is the website tool I started off using. For $60/year you get a unique URL, website design, website hosting, and wedding software that lets you do things like manage your guest list and create a seating chart. Personally, I hate MOST of the website designs they offer, but I managed to find one I sort of liked and could work with. It’s fairly easy to customize your site with photos, music, and text, but they REALLY need to add some new designs. (I hope you’re listening, WeddingTracker!)

I switched from to this one and forked over $79/year for it, but so far I’m pretty happy. They have customizable templates and flash intros that you can do really cute things with (I currently have a cherub riding on a horse for mine. It’s pretty awesome.), and they have some great wedding planning tools. They’re one of the most expensive wedding websites, but if you figure in how much it would have cost you to buy one of those ginormous wedding binders, I guess you can justify it. Right? Right?

And finally…

I LOVE the idea of, but in its’ current format I’m actually choosing to leave it off my list of website builders I like. For $49/year, the backgrounds and designs are beautiful, but the format is too limiting. While you can customize your background and main design, you’re stuck with their “storybook” layout, where visitors have to click on a page for it to turn. It ends up being too slow and really just kind of annoying. However, if they change this format, I think it would be close to perfect.

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