Spruce Up Your Ceremony Decor With This Fun Idea…

White walls got you down? You’ll love this clever way to bring your ceremony decor to the next level.

While it’s often used for kid’s rooms or rental apartments, removable wallpaper can also be re-imagined for your wedding ceremony or reception. There are so many fun patterns out there lately, which means you can easily turn a ho-hum banquet hall or plain studio/loft space into a whimsical venue without much work.

Keep in mind that removable wall paper and decals can be pricey, so you’ll probably want to just concentrate on using it for one wall. I love the idea of using it as a backdrop for your ceremony in lieu of a more traditional wedding altar. And it’s an added bonus that some styles allow you to remove it when you’re done and use it in your future home (or rental apartment!) to remind you of your big day. A few of my favorites are below. Find more great wallpaper patterns by googling “removable wallpaper” and “removable decals”.


removable wallpaper


Items of Interest, $112/roll (19.7″ x 98.4″ approx), $112

removable wallpaper



Items of Interest, $89 (made to measure)

doves removable wall decal

Items of Interest ,$35.99 (for 19″ by 27″ sheet)

removable wallpaper

Items of Interest, $112/roll (19.7″ x 98.4″ approx)

removable wallpaperItems of Interest, $89 (made to measure)

removable wallpaper custom

Feeling creative? You can create your own custom design using Tempaper. Check their site for more details.

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