Watch as Rihanna Hilariously Dodges Best Friend’s Wedding Bouquet

You know how it goes — at some point during a wedding reception, single women gather into a crowd with the hope of catching the bride’s bouquet after she flings it over her shoulder, all because of the longstanding belief that whoever does will be the next to get married. Of course, marriage isn’t a goal for everyone. That, along with the admitted silliness of the bouquet tradition, often leaves many wedding guests uninterested.

Take Rihanna for example.

The singer-actress-designer-makeup mogul-overall queen spent the weekend in Barbados on bridesmaid duty for one of her best friends, Sonita Alexander. A number of fan accounts posted snapshots of the wedding festivities, but there’s one video in particular that made the rounds on Twitter.

In the clip, Sonita can be seen embracing the tradition of the bouquet toss. Rihanna, on the other hand, literally ducked to avoid catching it. Afterward, she casually walked away as if nothing happened.

Keep doing you, Rih.

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