Reception Decor: Composer Busts

Mini composer busts halbe


I’ve talked about my love (obsession?) for Beethoven before, so finding these awesome and inexpensive statues via Country Living magazine totally made my day. These mini composer busts were apparently popular and mass-produced in the 1950s-1970s, and were usually gifts from piano teachers to their students (my piano teacher never gave me something awesome! I guess the trend stopped by the 90s). A brief online search turned up several collections of these available via eBay and Etsy for as low as $4/statue. They are small (typically 5″), and either made of chalkware, vinyl, or porcelain, and they were made by several different manufacturers. Halbe seems to be the most popular on eBay, but I think a deep-dive could turn up other brands (Country Living mentioned they got theirs from Herco Industries.

I think these could be great as part of your reception table decor, and you could group two on a table in between flower arrangements or another creative centerpiece. After the wedding, you can display them on a bookshelf as part of a fun design. If you were having a smaller wedding you could even give them away as wedding favors, especially if they’re only $4/each.



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