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Wouldn’t it be great if there was a company that had oodles of adorable vintage items you could rent for your wedding? Well…ta-da! Meet Ribbons & Rust. They’re a Southern California rental and design company that rents amazing vintage props for weddings and photo shoots at super affordable prices. I spoke with the too-cute creator of the company, Stephanie, about how she finds such amazing things, and what her advice is for other bride-to-be’s looking to create a fab vintage wedding. The answers are below!

Woman Getting Married: How did you go about starting Ribbons and Rust?
Stephanie: It started after planning my own wedding. I’d spent countless hours hunting for beautiful finds for my day and after the day came and went I was still madly in love with all my new treasures. Friends that had seen the wedding started to ask if they could borrow things for their own big day, or where I’d found certain items, and my lightbulb went off! I thought about how useful a business like this could have been to me during my planning process. Plus, it meant not only would I get to keep the goodies I already gathered, but I’d get to shop for more! Victory!

We love all your gorgeous vintage goodies! Where do you find them?
I love antique stores, thrift stores, garage sales, friend’s garages. I have a garage sale finder on my cell phone. Now if that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is! 😉 I love spending a day at Orange Circle in Old Town Orange and I love a long day at a local Flea Market. I bring an empty jeep, good walking shoes, and a keen eye and go to work. I have this weird thing where I have to go down every single aisle, look in every nook and cranny, every shelf, and every stand otherwise I’ll spend the rest of my day wondering if I missed a key piece. It’s the best kind if exhausting.
Is it cheaper for brides to rent vintage than buy?
I’m a bargain hunter at heart. I compiled my things over time, without major time constraints which allowed me to wait for a deal, which in turn allows me to be reasonable in my pricing. My old centerpiece bottles rent for around $3-$5 while my giant dining table that seats up to 10 people rents for $130. I charge $30 for a centerpiece which includes the goods and styling. It’s a little less than what a floral centerpiece might cost, but with a lot more personality. Plus, I think a lot of the value in renting comes in the time saved. To find all of the things for my wedding at a good price was practically a full-time job. I’m incredibly lucky that I had an understanding fiancé. And you aren’t left with a house full of things with nowhere to put them afterwards. When all is said and done, and you are a newlywed, the last thing you want to worry about is how to sell a garage full of goods.
What are your most popular wedding items? Are there any recent trends you’re noticing in vintage weddings?
My most popular items are probably the vintage glassware and old tins. It’s such an easy way to add a bit of vintage flare that doesn’t cost a lot of money. Mismatched old chairs are pretty popular which is a trend that I will never tire of. I love the mix of different colors and styles of old chippy chairs around a white table cloth decorated with simple flowers. A trend I hope to see more of is the use of fabric. Hanging strips of mismatched fabric as a backdrop for a gift table, for example, is so simple and so inexpensive but looks so fabulous! I’m also loving that now brides are more willing to take vintage and make it uniquely theirs. I went to a wedding recently where the groom was from Texas. They incorporated old-fashioned rodeo posters and saddle blanket table runners. It wasn’t over the top but you got a feel for the couple’s personality. That’s what the day is all about after all – the couple.
Do you have a favorite item currently in stock?
My latest favorite item (it changes almost daily) is an old desk that I picked up at a flea market. It’s a cool pale green and is just the right amount of worn. It rents for $80 and when used to display a cake, as a sign in desk, or as a candy table, it’s an easy way to add a cool conversation piece.
What advice do you have for brides currently planning a vintage wedding on easy ways they can make it unique without breaking the bank?
Take advantage of your sign-in book table, or your placecard table. Every wedding needs them, but they are easy areas in which to add some vintage touches. By combining a few old jars and a picture of your grandparents on their wedding day you’ve taken an ordinary space and added character and history to it. You don’t have to bring in a ton of big, expensive pieces. Instead, hang vintage postcards, sprinkle old buttons or use a vintage print fabric as a table runner. It’s sometimes the smallest details that can make a biggest impressions.

To see more great goodies from Ribbons & Rust, and to contact them for your own wedding, click here.

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