These Are the Most Popular Months to Have a Destination Wedding

most popular time to plan a destination wedding
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Even if you’re planning a local wedding, it’s always tricky to figure out the perfect time of year to get married. But when you factor in the logistics of a destination wedding, you might have to add on other factors like weather and travel accessibility for guests. Our friends at have made this SUPER easy by compiling data on the most popular months to get married by some of their most popular locations. Drumroll, please…


  • May
  • June
  • July
  • November


  • July
  • May
  • September

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Dominican Republic

  • July
  • May
  • June
  • August

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With looking at this data, May and July are the most popular months to plan a wedding in these three locations, while June, August, September and November follow. Just remember that even though these are the most popular months, it doesn’t mean you should definitely pick one of them for your own wedding. If you want to plan a winter wedding and get married in the Caribbean to escape the cold, by all means! Your wedding, your choice! WGM Tip: Try to avoid peak warm-weather vacay time, like Christmas or President’s Day, when hotels and airline tickets cost more for guests. You’re more likely to score a deal if you plan a wedding in the off-seasons.

Now, onto the planning!


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