My Latest Beauty Obsession: Konjac Sponge

konjac-spongeI’ve had some form of acne for most of my life (well, from 15 on), and the only thing that has truly cleared my skin was Accutane. For the better part of the 5 years after I took it, I had no breakouts. ZERO. It was glorious. And while my skin has, for the most part, been much clearer since I took it 11+ years ago, I still suffer from the occasional bouts of acne. Before we got married I went on a regimen of Retin-A (as part of the Obagi skincare line), but now that the hubs and I are trying to have a baby I’ve switched to an all-natural skincare routine. Needless to say my skin has not been looking its’ best. I love natural products, I really do, but most of them have sadly not been effective…until I got my latest beauty obsession.

A couple months ago I was on the beauty website No More Dirty Looks (which I love), and saw that a lot of people who listed their skincare routines on the site were using Konjac sponges. Don’t feel stupid if you don’t know what its is…I had to look it up, too.

A Konjac sponge is made from the Konjac, a root-based vegetable popular in Asia that has been used in Japan as a detoxifying food and as a way to exfoliate skin for centuries. In laymen’s terms, a Konjac sponge is just that…a sponge that manages to be soft enough for everyday use, yet is effective enough to remove makeup and soften skin. And because it’s made of a breathable, natural material, it won’t harbor bacteria or get moldy (like a washcloth). You simply let it dry out between uses (mine comes with a string so I just hang it up), and use it for two to three months before you replace it with a new one.

Since I started using a Konjac sponge a couple months ago (mine is by Boscia from Sephora for $18, but there are other options  available online), I’ve had almost no breakouts and my skin has been way brighter. The sponge—which is naturally enriched with everything from iron to vitamin A—is considered alkaline, so it balances your skin and is rumored to clear impurities. I use it with my normal cleanser at night (and when I remember, in the morning), and go through 2-3 cycles of wiping it on my face/rinsing it until the sponge no longer shows any of my makeup. I’m seriously a believer.

If you’re looking to prep your skin for your wedding, I highly suggest buying a Konjac sponge to go along with your favorite (or new) skincare routine. Once you do, come back and tell me what you think!

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