Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Cake Costs How Much??

The NYPost is reporting that the cake for Kim Kardashian’s wedding to Kris Humphries on Saturday is costing the reality star (or, the reality network E!, most likely) $20,000. That makes Chelsea Clinton’s $12,000 cake look like a clearance item from Filene’s Basement!

The lucky bakery making the 10-tier white cake plus chocolate chip frosting is Hansen’s in Los Angeles. Apparently it’s going to be modeled after Princess Catherine’s wedding cake (that’s Kate Middleton to you and me). Maybe they need to make it that big so Kim Kardashian can jump out of it?

I paid a quick visit to Hansen’s website, and let’s just say I hope it comes out better looking than this $37 birthday cake they offer…

Other costs for Kim Kardashian’s wedding include a $25,000 Vera Wang dress (which is not, I heard, edible).

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