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Ever since I saw the movie Immortal Beloved in 1994, I’ve had a very confusing crush on Beethoven. Was it Beethoven himself that I liked, or was it just the fact that I had a crush on the actor that played him in a movie? I still don’t know. Regardless, I’ve been super into Beethoven FOR SOME REASON ever since the movie came out…reading countless biographies and even writing term papers on the composer, and of course becoming obsessed with his music. So needless to say when the movie comes on cable, which it did this week, I squeal like a little girl.

In addition to covering an interesting subject matter, the movie also captures what a gorgeous time period it was for fashion and interior design. As far as decor is concerned, the scenes I’m most obsessed with in the movie are supposed to take place between 1800-1827 (Beethoven was born in 1770, and died in 1827). During the early 1800’s, Empire dresses were in, with their raised waistlines and cap sleeves. The Chemisette, a long, flowing, Grecian-like dress, was also popular. Fashion in the early 1800’s was, in stark contrast to the ornate 18th century, more subdued and “comfortable,” with corsets being temporarily abandoned. Men’s clothing also became less ornate (but still refined), with long, tight breeches (pants), and short coats with sidetails. Hair wax became popular as wigs faded out, and “mutton chop” sideburns became all the rage. Interior design incorporated a combination of a several styles, such as Rococo, Gothic, and Chinoiserie. Popular fabrics were damask, chintz, silk and velvet, and colors often seen were sulpher yellow, crimson, deep green, and royal blue ( I love any combination of those for your wedding colors).

What better inspiration for a wedding theme than the story of an immortal love set in a gorgeous time period? Below are a few suggestions for how you can achieve the look from Immortal Beloved for your wedding.

(Clockwise from bottom left)

Opera (aka Versailles) Chair
$4.95 and up for rental. Look for rental companies in your area (Google “versailles” or “opera” chair rental)

For easy wax seals, try the self-adhesive ones at Nostalgic Impressions
Self-Adhesive Wax Seal
$0.81/each for 125-249 pieces

For baroque table linens like this one, offers something similar.
Damask Tablecloth
13-24 runners, $12.19/each

Georgian Diamond Cluster Ring

Spoda China Blue Vase

Ivory White Metal Candelabra with Crystals

Claire Pettibone, Queen Anne’s Lace Wedding Dress
Under $2,500

Do you have a movie you’d love to see an Inspiration Board for? Let us know in the comments section!


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