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I’m totally going to sound like a grandpa when I say this, but back when we got married they didn’t have no stinkin’ hashtags! LOL. But now they do and I admit I’m kind of jealous we didn’t get to do one. Which got me thinking about the best way to do ones and ideas that could possibly help you. While there are several wedding hashtag generators out there (I think this one is the best, personally), here’s a step-by-step guide to how you can come up with your own wedding hashtag. I used us as an example!

Start with your names

Write down both of your first names and your new last name if you’re planning on changing it on a piece of scratch paper (I like to actually write things down vs. doing it on a computer, but that’s totally up to you). Let’s take me and my now husband as an example:

Lindsay and Cory Jones

Get punny with it

Everybody loves a good pun, so the goal is to start thinking about what sayings, songs, or movie titles might work with your names. What phrases or titles automatically jump out to me? Well, there’s that Counting Crows’ song “Mr. Jones,” so that’s one possibility. A quick google search of Jones and movie titles also displays, duh, Indiana Jones. There’s also the saying “Keeping Up With the Joneses.” That could work, too. There’s also that song “Me and Mrs. Jones.”

Try different combinations

Now that I have some puns to work with, let’s start piecing them together. Here are some ideas I jotted down (granted some of these aren’t great, but that’s part of the process!)









You can also sub your future last name or first names in a variety of popular songs or movies, even if they don’t match

Think about popular songs, sayings, or movies and work your name into them in a not so subtle way. IE:






No luck coming up with a clever pun using your names? Include your date and/or venue name/city

We got married in Miami, which has some obvious puns associated with it to. If our last name WASN’T Jones, we could have tried some of these combos:



#MiamiViceDayforaJonesWedding (a double pun gets double points! lol)

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Or you can just come up with a funny/clever hashtag using the wording “wedding” or other forms of it, like:


Add your wedding date or year if somebody else has your hashtag

So you’ve done all that work but a hashtag search in Instagram reveals that, damnit, somebody else has already used it! Don’t worry! Just add your wedding date or year to make it different. IE:


#MrJonesandMeGetMarriedJune18 (though that one is pretty long, I would try just using the year like above).

Other wedding hashtag tips to remember:

  • Capitalize every word
  • Make sure nobody else has it. Do a quick search on Instagram under the Tags section to check. I would then go ahead and post a photo with that hashtag so you can be the first.
  • Get the word out! Put your hashtag on your wedding website, save the dates, and get a fun wedding sign (like the one above) that you can place strategically at your wedding.

How are you coming up with your wedding hashtag? Let us know in the comments section below!

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