How to Choose the Best Father Daughter Wedding Songs

Photo by Jessica Roberts Photography
Photo by Jessica Roberts Photography

Before the dance floor officially opens for your guests, there are a few important dances that need to take place. There’s your first dance with your groom, his dance with his mom, and your dance with your dad.

Finding the right father daughter wedding songs was a daunting task for me. My dad and I are close, sure, but we aren’t overly wishy-washy people, and we definitely never had any type of “song” that had special significance for us. So, we had to take some time and figure out which song worked for us. Here was our process for finding “the one!”

Think of the “vibe” you and your dad are going for.

You and your dad may be total goofballs, but are you aiming to be extra sentimental during your first dance? Or do you want to bust out in a polka (my mom and brother did at his wedding!) Think of the feeling you want to capture with your dad—do you want there to be a dry eye in the house? Do you want a feeling of fun and excitement that kicks off the dance floor? Do you want it to be a special moment for your mom, as well? What song you choose will set the tone. My dad and I didn’t want to be overly sentimental, but we’re not quite as funny as my mom and brother, either. We were aiming for something fun, sweet, and kind of short—we were both nervous. We also wanted something super easy to dance to for that reason!

Think of special moments between you and your dad.

Did he sing “Butterfly Kisses” to you every night before you went to bed? Did you used to dance around the living room to Louis Armstrong? Do you share a love of the ocean, The Beatles, cooking, or country twang? My dad and I had a special tradition of going fishing when I was growing up…more on that below!

Then, do research!

There are tons of lists out there of great father daughter wedding songs. Spend some time pouring over them and listening to them with your dad. Remember to pay attention to lyrics; anything too romantic is obviously out. My dad and I also didn’t want anything too over the top sentimental—it’s just not our style!

But be open to out-of-the-box ideas.

I had the idea for our father/daughter dance song when I was scrolling through my mom’s music to find something to listen to in the car. Since fishing was such a special memory for my dad, Just Fishin’ by Trace Adkins seemed perfect. It’s all about making memories while a man fishes with his daughter. It’s also upbeat, not overly mushy or sentimental, and a country song, which we both like. Even better—it’s easy to dance to! I suggested it to my dad, and he loved the idea.

Have fun!

The father/daughter dance is supposed to be a moment that recognizes how important your dad is in your life. Consider taking dance lessons, or just practicing in the kitchen, before the big day. When it’s time for the dance, forget about all of the people watching and focus on the man in front of you. My dad raised me, taught me good morals, and supported my relationship from the start. It was a great moment. We also got a little silly with a couple of turns and even started singing along. If you and your dad are more sentimental, take the time to thank him for all of the ways he helped you become a good person. (Being goofy with my dad is how I thank him!) If you and your dad don’t have the type of relationship that you want celebrated at your wedding, consider dancing with a godfather, older brother, or other father figure. Some brides even choose to dance with their moms! Families come in all shapes and sizes these days, which is something we should celebrate.

When it comes to your own father daughter wedding songs, the most important thing to remember is that it’s only a couple of minutes long. While it’s an important moment in your life, it’s not the most important moment in your relationship. I was super nervous, but it ended up being a great moment in the day and something I’ll treasure forever.

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