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Being a tall gal (I’m 6′ 1″) it’s not easy for me to find a wedding dress that fits my proportions. I usually require at least an additional 3 inches in length, and because my torso is long (and I have decent-sized girls (aka boobies) I also typically need the dress to be cut specifically to my body. I can’t even find pants long enough, so I’m not sure why I’m surpised I can’t find a wedding dress I love that fits my body AND my budget.

Because I’d like to keep my wedding dress budget under $2,000, I started looking online at used/sample designer wedding dresses. The problem? They’re too short! The ones I’ve found that I love seemed to be made for women 5′ 6″ and under. If I was buying a designer dress from a bridal boutique, it wouldn’t be hard for them to add length (for a fee, I might add), but buying them directly from the sellers means I’d have to have a seamstress add random fabric to make it longer, which might not work.

However, just because I personally can’t buy a used wedding dress, doesn’t mean that you can’t! In fact, if I was shorter I would definitely consider it. Below is a list of some great dresses I’ve found online and the best websites to go to to find your dream, pre-loved wedding dress.

Note: If you find a pre-loved dress you love online, be sure to ask about a return policy, even if it’s directly from the seller, as well as estimated shipping costs. If you’re buying a dress from a seller who has worn it before, ask her details such as how easily the dress wrinkled, if the color is like the pictures, etc.

Designer: Angel Sanchez
Price: $1,950 (paid $3,450)
Condition: Never Worn
Designer: Claire Pettibone
Price: $2,000 (paid $3,800)
Condition: Professionally Cleaned/Pristine
Designer: Roberto Rodriguez
Price: $400 (paid $895)
Condition: Never Worn
If you have a slightly higher budget, this  Oscar de la Renta dress is available for $4,600 (originally $7,400). I tried it on in a boutique, and all I can say is it instantly put a smile on my face. I call it the “happy” dress. It’s gorgeous.
I can’t link directly to it for some reason, but this is the URL:’oscar-de-la-renta-bridal-gown-18815′
If that doesn’t work, it’s on Page 6 of Bravo Bride’s Wedding Dresses section.

Where did you find your wedding dress? Tell me in the comments section below!

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  1. says: Chloe Wren

    I know that sells pre-owned wedding dresses and you can search the length of the dress and also see what the sellers heigh was when she was in heels. Hopefully this helps you to find a suitable dress.