Daily Registry: Fruit Gadgets That Are DEFINITELY Worth Getting

best fruit gadgets

Fruit gadgets?! I thought the same thing when I first heard the term. Who needs a speciality fruit gadget?

That was until my recent purchase at Sur La Table this past weekend of a–wait for it–a cherry pitter. YES. A cherry pitter. Has this existed all along and nobody told me?! I am OBSESSED.

It all started the other weekend when I went to a daytime picnic/concert and a lovely woman we were with brought one of the most seriously delicious fruit salads. It was simple yet REALLY good. It had figs, peaches, and these sliced cherries that sort of baffled me because I am clearly an idiot who has no idea how people prepare cherries. How did they get these cherries to look kind of like Cheerios, with a hole in the middle? And then the answer was painfully clear: We have been missing out on a cherry pitter for our entire adult life.

How can I write this much about a cherry pitter? Well, if you’re a fan of cherries but kind of hate having to do anything with them (IE: cut them), then this tool will transform your kitchen life. I don’t really cook/can cherries (but now I might!), however I love having a bowl of them for dessert with a little whipped cream on top. But that’s not as much fun when you have to constantly spit the seeds out. The discovery of the cherry pitter has totally changed that. And yes, I feel like a weirdo dedicating an entire post to a cherry pitter, but it’s pretty awesome.

We bought an OXO Cherry/Olive Pitter ($12.99) and it’s worked great so far, but it does get a little messy. I also wished the pits went into a separate compartment, but then it would have to be larger (and more expensive) I’m guessing.

Do you have a favorite fruit gadget you can’t cook (live?) without? I need to try them all!

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