First Look: Peter Langner Spring 2018

The stunning 2018 Spring collection by Peter Langner marks his celebration of 25 years in bridal couture. Both a retrospect and a vision for the future, the collection exudes Peter’s distinguishing style- minimalist opulence.

We love how timeless and elegant his latest wedding dress collection is, yet there are one or two details on just about every dress that make them really stand out with a modern touch. From the necklines to the embellishments, Peter Langner’s wedding dress collection is a must-see for any bride. Plus, that pink wedding dress might be one of the most chic yet fun dresses we’ve seen in a LONG time.

See our favorite Peter Langner wedding dresses from his latest collection in the gallery above. Which style is your favorite?

Hair & Makeup: Austen Parker//Photography: Dan Lecca

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