Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Sparklers

wedding sparklers

If you’re a fan of looking at gorgeous real wedding photos, chances are you’ve seen those romantic pics where the walks through a line of beautiful wedding sparklers for their grand exit. The couple stops and kiss, and their photographer captures those special moments in time, surrounded by a bevy of light and the ones they love. Dreamy right? Before you start planning your big exit, however, there a few things you need to know about wedding sparkers first.

Check that Your Venue Allows Them

Before you rush out to buy hundreds of wedding day sparklers for your big day, you’ll want to check with your venue coordinator and make sure that you can have them at your venue. Obviously they won’t be an option at an indoor venue, but if you have a picture-perfect space outside you can hopefully make it work. If you can’t, you can consider these fun wedding exits that make a statement without sparklers. You could also use these as inspiration for a grand entrance!

  • If you’re having a daytime wedding, you could release biodegradable balloons
  • Bubbles, which can work during the day or night with the right lighting 
  • Planning a fall wedding? Throw beautiful orange and yellow leaves
  • There are companies that will ethically release butterflies and doves…I like butterflies a bit better, but honestly having things fly around me would scare me. Also what if the dove poops? LOL
  • You can rent a great vintage car if you’re leaving on land. Or if you’re on the water, a boat.
  • Toss dried flowers, like lavender or rose petals
  • Getting married in New Orleans? Have a second line parade
  • Glow sticks
  • Smoke bombs
  • Rice: There used to be an urban legend (even we thought it was true!) that uncooked rice would be harmful to throw because it could be ingested by birds. This is in fact NOT true, and you can safely throw uncooked rice without harming your feathered friends. Better yet, try birdseed!

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wedding sparklers

What are the Best Sparklers to Use for a Wedding?

There are a few options you’ll need to consider when shopping for wedding sparkers, and they all have to do with size. The size of a sparkler determines how long they’ll last, so your guest list will come into play here. If you’re having a smaller wedding (less than 120 people) you can use a standard 20″ sparkler which will last 1-2 minutes once lit. A 36″ sparkler on the other hand will last about 3-4 minutes, which is a better option if you’re having more guests and will need more time for everyone to light their sparkler.

WGM Says: If you’re looking for something non-traditional when it comes to wedding sparklers, you can also opt for heart-shapes or even stars (though keep in mind they’ll burn the same way, so the effect might get lost in photos).

To Recap:

  • Under 120 wedding guests: 20″ sparklers
  • More than 120 wedding guests: 36″ sparklers

How Many Wedding Sparklers Do You Need?

Since you want your wedding sparkler exit to be filled with LOTS of light, plan on giving one sparkler to every guest over 12-years-old. So if you’re having 120 adult guests, plan on 120 sparklers just to be safe. You’ll want to display them in a vase, bucket, or even a rustic wooden box, on a separate table or placed alongside your wedding favors if you’re having.

And yes! You should definitely add a cute sign to the display with a cheesy pun for good measure, like “Let sparks fly!” or “Let love sparkle!” The more you can make them part of your wedding decor, the better!

Where to Buy Wedding Sparklers

There’s a handful of websites where you can purchase 20″ or 36″ sparklers, as well as sparkler packages. Here’s a list of the best wedding sparkler retailers as well as how much you can expect to spend per sparkler.

WGM Says: When shopping for the highest quality wedding sparklers online, you want to look for terms like “wire-core construction” and “smokeless” to ensure you’re not getting a crappy sparkler!

How to Plan Your Wedding Exit

When it comes to your wedding exit, it’s all about timing. Allow roughly 5 minutes to give out your wedding sparklers to guests. Your wedding planner/coordinator should help direct guests to the exact location as discussed with your wedding photographer. You’ll also want to make sure that guests are instructed not to light sparklers until they’re given the go-ahead, since most sparklers will only last a few minutes as we talk about above.

To help make this easier, you should plan on having several good lighters on hand (like this pack of 6 for $16.99), and ideally your coordinator can help light some, while the rest of the lighters are passed down among guests. Your photographer should act as the director, telling guests when to light them and how to hold them, as you prepare to walk down the sparkling “aisle.” This will make ensure you have the most memorable photos filled with a special sparkle!

Are you planning on using wedding sparklers for your exit? Let us know in the comments section below!

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