Etsy Find: Fairy Lights

fairy lights


Now I know any old string lights can be called fairy lights…but these seriously look like FAIRY lights. Technically they’re called white carnation flower string lights, but now I’m kind of wondering where these have been all my life.

In the right setting, these fairy lights would be the perfect outside (or even inside) lighting accessory for your wedding. And the great thing about them is that they could really go rustic or modern. These fairy lights are a great alternative to white cotton ball or globe string lights, and add way more whimsy than your typical LED string lights. And no, you don’t have to have a Peter Pan theme to use these! They would look beautiful at classic, country, bohemian, parisian, and even vintage-inspired wedding where you’re looking to add more ambient light. You could also use them inside to help decorate your altar/ceremony space. You could try stringing them along an accent wall and make that your “altar,” or try stringing them from the ceiling for a more romantic look.

Click here to buy these fairy string lights on Etsy.

fairy lights

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