Can I Send an E-mail Thank You for a Wedding Gift?

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Q: A lot of our wedding gifts are coming in at once, which is great but I don’t have time to physically write a thank-you note for each one right now, especially between work and wedding planning. Can I just send a text or e-mail thank you instead of a written note?- Ashley

A: An e-mail or text is fine ONLY to acknowledge that you’ve received a gift and to let the gift-giver know a formal thank you is coming. A text, Facebook message, or e-mail as your only ‘Thank You’ is, in our opinion, not enough (and traditional wedding etiquette will back us up on this). Here’s a schedule we suggest if you can’t write a formal ‘Thank You’ (handwritten note) right away:

  • Within a week of receiving your gift: Send a text or e-mail saying something along the lines of: “Thank you SO much for the beautiful decanter! A formal thank you is coming soon but I wanted to let you know we received it and loved it. Thank you!”
  • Within a month* of receiving your gift: Mail a personalized, handwritten thank-you note to the gift-giver. Read our tips on how to write the perfect wedding thank you note here.

*Note that technically you have three months to mail your thank-you note, according to etiquette rules. However, trust us when we say it’s SO much easier to write your thank-you notes as you get the gifts, rather than wait until they all pile up and all of a sudden you have 100 to write! We all know that time can be an issue, but setting aside 15 minutes before you go to bed to write three thank-you notes that you can mail out in the morning will be a gesture appreciated not only by your guests, but by you after your wedding is over!

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