Skipping This ONE Thing Will Majorly Help Your Wedding Budget

wedding programs
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Sure, there are a ton of ways to cut down your wedding budget. You can trim your wedding centerpieces. Go for a simpler wedding cake. You can even hire a wedding DJ instead of a band. And while those are all great options, there’s one thing you can do that will save you hundreds of dollars without guests really noticing a thing: Skip your wedding programs.

I hear from a lot of brides who are considering paying between $500-$1,000+ towards wedding programs, and if you’re trying to keep your wedding budget down this is a completely optional cost that at the end of the day you or your guests won’t really remember. Wedding programs–which typically include the name of the couple, the wedding party, the ceremony outline as well as the words to any readings or songs–are often a helpful way to allow guests to follow along, but your ceremony will still go on just as planned without them. And while it would be nice to have a wedding program to keep as a memento AFTER your wedding (because trust us, no guest is going to keep them), then we suggest creating one or two for yourself instead.

Are you going to have a wedding program? If so how much are you budgeting towards them?



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