Do You Have to List Entree Choices on Your RSVPs?

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Q: Our wedding venue says they don’t need the entree counts ahead of time, but should we list entree choices for guests on the RSVP cards anyway so they can let us know what they want? How do we handle allergies and stuff like that?–Kelly

A: First off it’s great that your wedding venue isn’t requiring you to give them an exact count for each meal option. You’ll often find this is the case at hotel-style wedding venues where they have a large selection of food ready regardless of the number of choices, or if you are limiting your entrees to 1 or 2 selections and therefore it makes it a lot easier on the caterer to have everything they need for table-side ordering. With that said it can feel like these days there are a lot of guests with food allergies or other dietary restrictions that you want to make sure you can accommodate them all. But what’s the best way to do that?

I chose NOT to have any entree choices listed on our RSVP cards. This is because our venue was not requiring a count, and we were offering guests either fish or beef (with the choice of having a vegetarian option as well). However on our wedding website I did include a note in the reception section that said if you have any dietary restrictions to please e-mail me so I could make sure they were accommodated (such as the need for a kosher or gluten-free meal).  I’m personally of the mindset that if a guest has a food allergy or other special request, they will make sure that the couple or other family member knows about it. If it’s something like “Oh I don’t like onions because they taste weird,” well, then, they’re going to be out of luck. LOL.

If your venue DOES require an entree count OR you want to have one just case, then this is best accomplished with a simple line on the bottom of your RSVP card that says:

Please indicate each guest’s entrée selection:





…or you could do something playful something along the lines of:

What sounds yummy to you?




Veggies only, please__

But again, if you’re wanting to list the entree choices just because you are nervous about allergies, I think that you are totally fine if you only want to remind guests to let you know on the wedding website instead.




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