Daily Registry: Inker Coffee Cups

inker coffee cups

I’m a sucker for coffee mugs and cappuccino/espresso cups. Actually, this expands to pretty much any kind of glass or cup. I’m such a sucker that when I see a glass or cup I like, I immediately look at the bottom of it to see who makes them.

Not to sound like too much of a dork, but I’m a fan of classic designs with a bit of a twist. I recently came across the Inker line of cups during a visit to a local coffee shop. I sipped from the cappuccino mug and my husband had the espresso, and I loved both shapes. (God, I feel like such a yuppie even writing this!) While the brown is the perfect, classic european shade, they mixed and matched the saucers and it looked great in the orange as well.

The Inker line of porcelain cups, made in Croatia and distributed mostly in Europe, aren’t available in that many places, but you can add them to a universal registry via Clive Coffee , or buy them for yourselves at a wholesale price via Orphan Espresso (a Tax ID, usually needed for wholesale purchases, isn’t required. Which means even if you’re not a store you should have no problem buying them here). If you buy more than 6 espresso cups (like the ones below, which come with saucers), you’re looking at around $5.42/each vs. $8/each non-wholesale.

Let the cup freak in you rejoice!

inker espresso cup



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