This Year’s Biggest Wedding Hairstyle Trends

A new year is here and with it a new wave of wedding hairstyle trends. Say goodbye to the sleek and overly-styled, and say a resounding hello to relaxed, textured updos, loose braids and beachy waves. Check out five of the top wedding hairstyle trends you’re bound to see a lot more of this year.

The low, textured bun

When many think of “buns” they envision one of two extremes: the tightly tugged, slicked back high buns on the heads of ballerinas or the chaotic, unkempt “vacuuming the house” hair. This low, textured bridal bun is a happy medium between the two. Filled with loose curls and casual elegance, this is the perfect, modern updo for a bride.

Braids, braids, braids

Whether as the primary style or weaved throughout an updo, braids are making their way into nearly every bride’s hair. For a relaxed, bohemian look, a single, teased braid is a stunning choice, and smaller braids incorporated into a low bun or ponytail adds a flair of interest and elegance.

Going natural

If you’re a bride with glorious naturally textured hair, or just a low-maintenance brides looking for a simple bridal style, rejoice! The sleek, polished look of the tightly pulled updos of the past is giving way to a celebration of natural hair, and we are loving it!

Ponies with volume

This year, your go-to casual hair look is getting a formal wedding upgrade. For brides who don’t want to go full updo but want their hair pulled out of their faces, especially those in hot, humid climates, these volume-filled ponytails are a perfect option! You can include a beaded headband or weave in a few fresh blossoms from your bridal bouquet for a pop of color.

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Relaxed, beachy waves

This fresh-out-of-the-ocean look isn’t just the perfect option for a seaside wedding. This yearit’s all about the loose waves and stretched curls. Whether gathered up in a ponytail, pulled back in a half-updo or left down and unrestrained, these gentle waves are going to be making many trips down the aisle this year.

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