16 of the Best Wedding Flowers by Season

Choosing wedding flowers can be equal parts delightful and overwhelming, especially if you, like me, aren’t exactly a flower expert. I knew a few flowers I thought were beautiful when I began wedding planning, but I quickly learned that, without shelling out the big bucks, I wasn’t going to be able to incorporate them into my wedding day.

As just about every bride learns on her first visit to her florist, choosing flowers that will be in season on your wedding day is a quick and easy way to keep bouquet and centerpiece costs down, so we’ve broken down a few of the best wedding flowers for each season.

And don’t worry! If you don’t see your favorite flower, or if you are looking for something in a specific shade, your florist is an invaluable resource and will be able to lead you in the right direction!

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Spring (March – May)

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These rich, plum-colored blossoms bring a brilliant pop of color to any bouquet or arrangement.


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Found in shades from brilliant coral to pale pink, these blooms have become synonymous with spring and their delicate petals are undeniably romantic.

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If you’re looking for a fragrant plant that will fill your venue with an enchanting scent, these pink and purple bundles of blooms are the perfect choice.


Could there be a more iconic spring flower? With a scent as sophisticated and elegant as the flowers themselves, no spring wedding is complete without these massive, wedding white flowers.

Include light gray-green foliage to compliment the delicate spring colors in your arrangements.

Summer (June – August)

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Ideal for summer weddings, these joyful yellow blooms are flawless additions to overflowing, lush bouquets.


lavender wedding
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Beloved for their unmistakable scent, these small summer flowers beautifully compliment larger blossoms in a bouquet and are perfect for boutonnieres.


Bring a little summer sun into your wedding day with these blooms that are as bold as they are beloved.


These massive collections of tiny white, pink or purple-blue blossoms can beautifully stand on their own accompanied only by greenery in sophisticated centerpieces.

Accent your centerpieces with waterfalls of lush greenery or ivy to heighten that summery feel.

Fall (September – November)

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Whether for bridal bouquets, centerpieces or hair accents, these blooms in white, pink, purple or even blue add an air of elegance to any arrangement.


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These unique, vibrant flowers can be found in just about any color making them the perfect choice for any wedding no matter the color palette.


These stalks bursting with vivid blossoms in just about every shade imaginable are excellent for filler in centerpieces or as accents in bouquets.


Growing in rich autumn burgundies, oranges and rose pinks, these flowers can add just the right touch of the season into your wedding arrangements.

Compliment your bouquet with dried spring and summer flowers for added texture and unique colors.

Winter (December – February)

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These striking lily-like flowers bloom in a wide variety of shades, making them beautiful accents to any wedding bouquet or centerpiece.


With a scent as romantic as their delicate white petals, it seems as if these dreamy flowers were always destined for winter wedding bouquets.


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There is no more quintessential wedding flower than the rose, and as it blooms in the winter months, it is the perfect fragrant flower to bring into a wedding day.

Calla Lilies

These unique, scrolled blooms drip with sophistication, and serve as stunning focal points in wedding centerpieces or bridal bouquets.

Work in pale gray greenery edged in white to bring that winter wonderland feel to your wedding.

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