Alternative Flower Decorations


I’m typically not a fan of fake or dried flowers, even though they can often make a more realistic (and cost-friendly) alternative to real flowers. I think this stems (no pun intended) from years ago when I was obsessed with anything having to do with Feng Shui, and read that dried and plastic flowers (unless they were silk) were bad for your home. While I’ve stayed away from them since, there are a couple exceptions to this rule that I think would make great additions to your wedding decor (and are good Feng Shui to boot).

The first is lavender. I recently saw dried lavender on top of a cake and loved the casual and country chic look of it. Lavender, for those still interested in the Feng Shui angle, is both a flower AND an herb. And, since dried herbs can be considered good Feng Shui, they wouldn’t technically be bad just because they’re dried. Using dried lavender stalks on top of a cake is a simple, DIY cake decoration. You can buy them online here


While on the same website that sells the dried lavender, I stumbled across these gorgeous flowers made out of tapioca wood. While they’re technically fake flowers (which is a Feng Shui no-no), they’re made out of wood rather than plastic. Since wood is a natural element, this is a workaround you could get away with. These would be beautiful in a bouquet, in a centerpiece, or used as some sort of garland. You can buy them here.


For those of you interested in Feng Shui, a great beginner’s book is Lillian Too’s Easy-to-Use Feng Shui. It’s especially useful if you’re moving into a new house or apartment and want to get some good mojo flowing! I often found it interesting that a lot of my instincts for how to arrange furniture or what to pack/get rid of always seem to be rooted in the same school of thought. If you’re OCD like me, it’s the perfect guidebook! LOL.

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