8 Unique Bridal Shower Games Guests Will Love

A bridal shower is nothing without games! The classics — like bride trivia or the toilet paper wedding dress contest — are still fun to play, but with so many unique options, why not try something new? Whether the mother of the bride, other family members, the maid of honor, or all of the bridesmaids are planning the shower (these are the ones that typically take on the responsibility, though it tends to vary), there are options for every type of crowd. We’ve rounded up some of the most fun and creative bridal shower games to play, guaranteed to make any shower a blast.

DIY Favors

bridal shower games guests will love
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Have guests assemble their own flower crowns, paint ring dishes, decorate mugs — anything they can easily personalize before the party’s over!

Telephone Toast

bridal shower games guests will love
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A fun, wedding-themed version of the classic childhood game! Start by having the host whisper a wedding toast into someone’s ear. The toast will travel around the party until it reaches the bride. Then, she’ll read the mixed-up toast aloud!

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Bride Timeline

bridal shower games guests will love
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Display a bunch of photos of the bride (and the groom, if you’d like!) from her childhood, teen years, and so on. Make sure they’re out of chronological order. Then, have guests write down their guess at the order of the photos from youngest to oldest!

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Pass the Bouquet

bridal shower games guests will love
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A cross between Hot Potato and Musical Chairs. Guests pass around a bouquet (fake or real!) to each other as music plays. When it stops, whoever is holding the bouquet is eliminated. This goes on until there’s a winner.

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Recipe Contest

bridal shower games guests will love
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On the shower’s invitation, prompt guests with a request to bring a recipe for the bride and groom! Have them write it on a notecard or add a design to the back of the invitation where they can write. Then, gather all of the recipes and create a makeshift cookbook! It’ll be something that the bride will actually use after the shower.

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Disaster Wedding

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Let’s be honest, a lot of things could go wrong on the bride’s big day. Pick a few scenarios (a dress tear, bridesmaid drama, etc.), write them down, and have guests respond with how to deal! Afterward, read the solutions aloud.

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Who Has the Groom?

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You can place each “groom” at the bottom of each person’s chair, or provide everyone with a scratch-off card. Either way, mix one photo of the actual groom in with the rest as celebrities. Whoever get’s the bride’s hubby to be is the winner!

bridal shower games guests will love
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Cocktail Competition

unique bridal shower games
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This is a fun way to keep guests occupied and get a few drinks flowing! You don’t have to go all out by providing everyone with a barware set — instead, just get the basic ingredients, glasses, and straws (for both mixing and drinking!). You can let guests get creative and make whatever concoction they want, or provide them with a recipe for particular wedding-themed drink (from “Appley Ever After” to “Berry Happy Together“) to make. Either way, the bride can do a sip test to see who made the best cocktail!

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For an all-ages version of this activity, swap cocktails for cupcakes!

Guess the Dress

bridal shower games
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Have guests put their artistic skills to work by drawing what they think the bride’s dress looks like!

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