7 Easy Decorating Tricks For Your First Home Together

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Whether you’re moving in together for the first time, or shifting from renters to homebuyers, decorating a new home is an exciting, albeit overwhelming task. It’s easy to get Pinterest happy and find yourself swooning over immaculate dining rooms and seemingly perfect mudrooms. And then there’s reality. But it doesn’t have to be one OR the other. There are so many easy ways to upgrade your home so that it feels like you’re an adult, but that it’s still full of your personality and accessible for your lifestyle. We’ve compiled 7 of our favorite ways for bringing together your new home. Trust us, they’re EASY.

1. Upgrade Your Basics

Say goodbye to those mismatched dishes, pots and pans. You’ll be surprised how a cohesive collection will totally upgrade everything in your kitchen cabinets and linen closet (at any budget level). When my husband and I moved in together, we bought a selection of well-priced white and gray towels that, when neatly folded, look WAY more expensive then they actually are. We also love using them! Things like a new knife set and serveware will also make entertaining a breeze, while ensuring you don’t have to serve chips and dip in a Pyrex cup. (Something I may have been guilty of doing in the past.)

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2. Get Organized

Only keep the things that “spark joy,” says Japanese organizational expert Marie Kondo and author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. That box of papers? Those shopping bags. Yeah, they don’t bring you joy. So toss ‘em. And while we agree it’s easier said than done, once you adopt this mantra it will make organizing SO much easier. Overwhelmed or don’t know where to start? Our #1 piece of advice is to do one category at a time. For example, if you start with books, organize all of the books in your home (no matter what room they are in), then move to the next category. For those of us of the OCD variety, we also recommend organizing your closet by color. This keeps things visually tidy, and everything has its place. There are also some great companies that will come and organize for you. Consider seeking an organization expert locally, or signing up for services like Fitz, which will do all the heavy lifting for you.

marie kondo
Marie Kondo’s organizational tips (including how to fold like a pro) will totally change your life.

3. Rugs Bring a Room Together

Don’t underestimate the power of a great rug. We love these easy rug graphics that really give you an idea of how you should lay out your room. We once bought a rug that was infinitely too large for our living room that we had to unwrap and rewrap (not fun), and then lug it all the way back to the store to return (also not fun). Once you figure out the right dimensions for your space, adding a rug to your family room and/or dining room will anchor the space and really tie everything together. Tip: This is also a great, often overlooked item to add to your registry!

Via Wayfair

4. Add a Pop of Color

A home full of greys and browns can feel dark and dreary. Liven things up with a punch of bright colors like yellow, blue, and even pink. A great accent wall, a set of lamps, even a statement piece of furniture can really make your home feel like you.

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5. Start Your Art Collection

When we moved into our apartment, I had my eye on one thing: This elephant photograph. It has a place in our foyer now, and every time I pass it, I smile. Find that one (or several), pieces of art that do the same for you and give them a home on your wall. Be it a photo you took on vacation, your wedding photos, or anything else you just love, these details are the things that make a house a home.

Via William Stafford

6. Don’t Forget the Lighting

From bold lamps to striking chandeliers, the lighting you choose for your home will also help define each space. For example, we don’t have ceiling lights in our apartment, so my husband had the brilliant idea (give credit where credit’s due), to set up a swag light above our dining table. Here’s a tutorial if interested. Adding just this touch of lighting made our space feel like a proper dining area… especially after eating meals at the coffee table! Think about areas you want to highlight, such as a bar cart, foyer, a side table (or even a kitchen counter!) and look for soft lighting that will add warmth to your nest.

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7. Find Your Forever Favorites

I love the concept of Splurge vs. Save, and this idea definitely helped us when decorating our place. Since we opted for a super affordable Leesa mattress, we were then able to put those savings we would have ordinarily spent on an overpriced mattress towards our couch. And trust me when I say this couch makes Sunday binge watching SO much more amazing. While what you choose to splurge and save on will be different for everybody, just remember to choose items that you love, no matter what price level they’re at.

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