6 Tips for Sending Great Thank You Notes

thank you notes

If you’ve just gotten married, you still have one major task in front of you: the thank you notes. Here are some tips to help make sure you’re following etiquette and showing gratitude.

  • Etiquette says that thank you notes need to be sent within three months of the wedding or event (like your bridal shower). If you had a larger wedding, that’s quite a few notes in only about 30 days! Ideally, a thank you note would be sent the day you receive the gift if it’s before the wedding, but most people understand that you won’t get around to opening gifts until after. Make up a goal, like 5 per day, instead of trying to tackle 200 notes in a single afternoon. That will keep the notes genuine instead of rushed.
  • Make them personal! Instead of just scribbling off “thanks for coming”, make sure to thank them for the specific gift you received and how you’re planning to use it. Read our tips for writing the perfect wedding thank you here.
  • Notes should be handwritten, not emailed, texted or Facebook messaged.
  • Cute custom notes with wedding photos are fun, but they’ll take too long to receive since photos aren’t typically given to you for at least a few weeks. Instead, consider ordering some custom stationary ahead of time with your new married monogram. Otherwise, store bought thank you cards are just fine.
  • Everyone who gave a gift, whether it was 20 dollars or that new KitchenAid mixer, should receive a thank you note. If someone gave a gift for your shower and your wedding, they receive two different notes at the applicable times.
  • Thank yous come from you and/or your spouse—this isn’t a task you can delegate to your mom or bridesmaid! Although you may be exhausted, people spent time and money traveling to your wedding and/or sending you a gift—they deserve a little recognition.
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A few examples:

  • “Thank you so much for the pizza stone! I already have ideas of fun dinners to make on it, and Grant is a huge pizza lover.”
  • “Thank you for the Williams-Sonoma gift card. I can’t wait to use it to upgrade some of my ancient cooking supplies. Hopefully your family can swing by for dinner one night!”
  • “Thank you for the beautiful tablecloth. We will use it for years to come and always remember your awesome dance moves when we see it.”

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