5 Bridal Shower Games to Keep the Party Fun

Photo by Wide Eyed Photography
Photo by Wide Eyed Photography

Planning a bridal shower for your best friend or relative? Or are you a bride helping your friends find fun bridal shower games to help make sure the festivities are upbeat? Either way, this is for you. While everyone’s played gift bingo or created a wedding dress from toilet paper, these 5 fresh ideas for bridal shower games below will definitely keep your guests entertained.

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  • Match the couples. On the left side of a sheet of paper, list half of famous couples, with their counterparts on the other side (think: Brad and Angelina, Scarlett and Rhett, Ron and Hermione…) To keep the game fun for all ages, make sure you have some modern Hollywood couples, as well as old-school romances that only the great aunts will be able to guess!


  • Memory Lane. Have the mother of the bride help with this one. Pass around a few photos of the bride at different milestones in her life, and have guests guess how old she was!


  • Kitchen supplies gift bags. Spell out “bridal shower” with gift bags. In each bag, place a kitchen item beginning with that letter (like breadpan for “b”, rolling pin for “r”, ice cream scoop for “i”, etc.) and have guests guess the item in the bag. The gifts then go to the bride! This can be a great thing for a group to plan—for instance, if the groom’s family wants to host an activity.


  • Wedding Pictionary. Everyone loves a hilarious game of Pictionary. Set up two easels with whiteboard markers, and write typical wedding phrases (like “going to the chapel” or “father of the bride”) on slips of paper. After splitting into teams, guests compete against each other to guess the phrases first!
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  • Remember When. Have each guest write down their favorite memory of the bride, and then have guests guess who wrote what! This will be extra fun for the bride, as she gets to revisit fun memories with her closest family and friends.

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